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The Surprising Truth About Being a Voice in the Real Estate Industry

The Not So Black and White Real Estate Podcast launches another podcast!!!

Today's episode is with Broker Owners, Andre Chin and Sandy Mackay

Discover the inspiring journeys of successful entrepreneurs who turned their dreams into reality and built their own KW brokerages. Join us as we delve into their stories of growth, challenges, and triumphs in this exclusive interview. In this video, Andre Chin and Sandy Mackay talk about their experiences with opening their own KW brokerages.

They discuss the unique process of opening a KW brokerage, which requires big visions and great people. They also talk about the challenges of taking over an existing brokerage and how to turn it around. The speakers emphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and mindset to grow. They share their experiences with KW and how it has impacted their lives and businesses.

We also discuss the importance of being a voice for others in their industry, and specifically how they can use their platform to promote the achievements of others in their company and the wider real estate industry. They also touch on the responsibility they feel to use their platform to champion others and highlight the humility of their company. They briefly mention their website and podcast, which they see as a way to promote positive messaging about the industry.

Your hosts are Colin Campbell and Gary McGowan.

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