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Discover the Secret to Better Serving Your Clients as a Realtor

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Another episode of The Not So Black and White Real Estate Podcast


Donna Beach is a professional real estate agent with many years of experience. She became aware early on that understanding her client's needs is crucial to creating clients for life. Connecting with clients that have various communication styles, personalities, and decision-making processes, however, can be difficult. To better understand her clients and offer outstanding service, Donna became a student of how to use the DISC Profile, a potent tool. We'll look at Donna's usage of the DISC Profile to assist realtors to provide better service to their clients in this blog post.

What exactly is a DISC profile?

Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Conscientious (DISC) are the four personality types identified by the DISC Profile, a behavioural evaluation tool. The goal of the tool is to give users a better understanding of both their own and other people's communication styles.

Usage of the DISC Profile by Donna

To understand her clients' behaviours, preferences, and communication styles, Donna uses the DISC Profile. She can adjust her strategy to better meet their needs and foster deeper relationships by being aware of these elements. For instance, if she has a client who is a high D (Dominant), she is aware that they may prefer a direct approach and are results-oriented. If, however, her client is a high S (Steady), she is aware that they value connections and may need a longer time to establish trust.

In order to identify potential conflicts and create ways to prevent them, Donna also employs the DISC Profile. For instance, she is aware that a high C (Conscientious) client could need more information and analysis before making a choice. She may proactively give the client the knowledge they require to make an informed decision because she is aware of this.

The DISC Profile in Real Estate: Advantages

There are many advantages to using the DISC Profile in real estate, including:

  • Better Client Communication

  • Improved comprehension of the preferences and decision-making procedures of clients

  • increased client rapport and trust

  • increased capacity for closing transactions


Donna Beach is just one example of a successful real estate agent who uses the DISC Profile to better serve her clients. She may adapt her strategy to better satisfy their requirements and forge stronger relationships by getting to know them and their personalities, communication preferences, and decision-making processes. Consider using the DISC Profile to obtain a deeper insight into your clients' tastes and habits if you're a real estate agent hoping to offer them great service.

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