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Bringing the Real Estate Industry Together

Virginia Munden is a highly accomplished professional with over 30 years of experience as a realtor, as well as being the founder of the Buzz Conference. Her expertise in both real estate and marketing and communications has allowed her to build a successful career and become a recognized leader in both industries.

As the founder of the Buzz Conference, an annual event that brings together leaders and innovators from new to seasoned realtors. The Voice for Canadian REALTORS®, The Buzz Conference is where professional thought-leaders, influencers, innovators & disruptors come meet to connect, share, inspire, network to shape the Canadian Real Estate industry with transformative technologies, platforms, trends & strategies. We’re proud to showcase the most well-respected brands & compelling voices in Canada. We bring together CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Brokerages & Boards, Teams, REALTORS®, Proptech & Strategic Alliances all in one venue for one BIG day.

Throughout her career, Virginia has demonstrated a keen understanding of audience engagement and a commitment to delivering results-driven marketing solutions. She is actively involved in several industry organizations, including her passion for seeing a collaborative real estate industry.

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