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The Power of One More with Keller Williams Broker Owner Paul Fitzpatrick

In this video, Paul Fitzpatrick, a real estate agent, discusses his decision to switch from running his own independent brokerage to joining Keller Williams. We also dive into the core of the simple statement said by Ed Mylet. The Power Of One, what will one more... do for you and your family.

When asked about why KW? Paul mentions he was successful in his own business but felt that something was missing, a peer group of like-minded individuals who had walked the path he was trying to go down. After meeting Andre Chin, who owns KW Brokerage in a neighbouring community, they explored different opportunities offered by Keller Williams, and it resonated with him. Being in the industry for 35 years, he explains that he has this drive inside him that is constantly looking to upgrade where he is. People where knocked on his door saying, "There's a shift in the market coming. What are you going to do?" And that's when he realized that he wasn't done yet. Part of what drove him to KW was the fact that the culture resonated so well with the culture he had developed as an independent.

When asked what distinguishes Keller Williams from everyone else, Paul mentions the culture of sharing and wanting to see everybody succeed and grow. He has been with other brands before, but the founding principle of collaboration and sharing to help each other grow and thrive is what makes KW stand out.

Paul's story highlights the importance of finding a peer group that can help you grow and achieve your goals. It's not just about being successful on your own, but also about finding a community of like-minded individuals who can support you along the way. In the real estate industry, KW's culture of collaboration and sharing has helped many agents achieve their goals and succeed in their careers.

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