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How She Built a Million-Dollar Business and Empowers Women in Business | Wendy Papasan Interview

In this conversation, Wendy Papasan talks about her role as the chairman of the board of Her Best Life, a business that helps women in business amplify their lives and voices. She is also the co-host of the Empire Building podcast and runs the Papasan Properties Group, which is a residential and commercial real estate team in Austin, Texas. Wendy shares that she joined Entrepreneurs Organization, which was an expensive community network when her business was growing rapidly about eight years ago. Austin, Texas, has the largest chapter in the world, but only ten of the 150 members were women. Wendy felt out of place, so she created her own circle and started meeting every six months in amazing locations around the world. A few years later, they decided to take it to more people, expanding their network and creating bigger opportunities for other women to grow and build businesses.

When asked about building relationships and finding the right people to uplift her and her business, Wendy emphasizes the importance of connection and community. She states that all the other businesses she started were pretty much on her own, but with Her Best Life, she started it with ten other amazing and talented female business owners. Wendy attributes their success together to the fact that they all harnessed each other's superpowers.

Wendy also talks about the importance of solving a problem and adding value to the world. She believes that when you come up with a product where there's a great need for something, then the world rewards you monetarily for that. Wendy advises aspiring entrepreneurs to identify the problem they want to solve and to aim to be aspirin instead of vitamins.

The journey of Wendy Papasan, demonstrates the significance of community, connection, and problem-solving that contributes value to the world. Wendy's story also highlights the crucial role of surrounding oneself with the right people and leveraging each other's strengths to achieve success.

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